One-Pot Spaghetti Alla Vodka

December 4, 2018



This is my second time making a one-pot pasta dish. This means you actually cook the dried pasta in whatever sauce you’re preparing. It also means the recipe is fast, easy, and requires minimal cleanup! Perfect for a weeknight meal, or even a dinner party, when you want to be out socializing instead of stuck in the kitchen! This dish has a wide-range of flavors and can appeal to most tastes. It’s not the strongest of vodka sauces, which I would adjust with tips below, but it’s a safe and pleasant crowd and toddler-pleaser! Enjoy!


Rating: A-


How to make it an A+: Add the cherry tomatoes before the heavy cream. They are better once softened for little hot bursts of flavor. I’d add a little more vodka, or do not wait too long before adding the additional ingredients so the vodka doesn’t burn off too quickly. This can be done to your preference. Lastly, since I like big punches of flavor, feel free to add some intensity with some Italian sausage or gorgonzola cheese, perhaps!


Find the Recipe Here.

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