New Year, New Cookbooks

January 8, 2023

Here is a slightly different post, less individual recipe review and more of a cookbook review! Since these books do not have recipes available online, I’ll link the cookbooks and you can use the suggested modifications below whenever you have access to them.

The first, for Christmas I got The Comfortable Kitchen cookbook by Alex Snodgrass. Everything looks and sounds delicious–the cookbook is really well done! But, a lot of flavors are repeated (I have never cooked with so much thyme in my life!), and I often long for the traditional dairy variations of some of these recipes. Overall, I’m about six recipes in and I give the book a A- for great options and being a good motivator to make simple plant-based swaps. The recipes I’ve tried include:

Clayton’s Favorite Mustard Salmon- I give it a B. The presentation is beautiful, but the coconut is overwhelming the cauliflower, and the mustard is too sharp. I would prefer it as glaze with some honey.

Parmesan-Roasted Zucchini- This gets an A because it tastes great, but it’s just too basic. Jazz it up with some red pepper flakes or lemon zest, perhaps?

Eggplant Lasagna- A- for great flavor but VERY soupy. I miss breading!

Broccoli and Cheddar Soup- This one was good. We all enjoyed, so I gave an A- for flavor, but it almost seemed like it would make a better dip than soup. I also would opt for the chicken broth variation next time.

Crispy Chicken Milanese with Arugula Salad- This got an A+ for great flavor and the use of mustard. I had to use a bit more oil and panko for the chicken and would add balsamic (either vinegar or reduction) overtop next time!

Steak au Poivre- This was incredible for our special New Year’s Eve dinner! I gave it an A only because I would have preferred heavy cream to the coconut milk, which was just too overpowering. But, not the point of the book, I guess!

The second book I got for Christmas is The Weekday Vegetarians. This was also in line with my theme of trying to live a more plant-based life. And, let me tell you, some of these swaps are tough. I’ve only made two items so far from this cookbook, but it’s preliminary grade is a B. This is mainly because, compared to The Comfortable Kitchen, I’m just not as excited about the recipes, and the ones I’ve tried are pretty basic (though they do have some very lovely toppings. My feelings might change in February when I allow myself to try the ones that include sugar or after tonight’s enchiladas!

Butternut Squash Soup with Coconut Milk & Lime- This had a great flavor and it was very simple. I give it an A-. I topped with some of my mustard salmon leftover shallots at the end, and it was really nice.

Chickpea-Pasta Mac & Cheese with Chopped Tomatoes- This basic mac would get a B, but the tomatoes on top are so good it brings the grade up to a B+. But, the whole time I wished it was wheat pasta…

Up next, Andy’s Sunday Enchiladas with Red Sauce from The Weekday Vegetarians on the table tonight! Stay tuned and let me know if you check out either cookbook!

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