Nectarine and Basil Galette

August 2, 2018

Nectarine and Basil Galette



I love a galette. There is something that brings me back to my country home and meals on the backyard picnic table when I make a rustic dessert. Uneven, thick, misshapen edges, fruit piled up–it’s simple and presents beautifully on an heirloom platter, complete with chips and cracks from years of love. This Nectarine and Basil Galette from Tesco Magazine, though, has some problems. I was drawn to the summer combination of nectarines and basil, but those tastes get lost when almonds and flaxseeds are introduced. Tesco just lost its way with this one, but see below on how to save a galette that has the power to be a summer favorite. 


Rating: B-


How to make it an A+: While this dessert is beautiful, the crust competes with filling flavors and it doesn’t end well. Scrap the whole crust, and just make the filling from this recipe. Spoon it into a cornmeal galette dough, which will will go much nicer with the nectarine and basil. This charming dessert will be complete and help finish off a lazy breakfast, an afternoon lunch on the porch, or a summer BBQ.  


Find a Cornmeal Crust Recipe Here.

Find the Filling Recipe Here.

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