Mashed Potatoes with Carrots and Dill

August 26, 2018



Pan-seared salmon fillets with Real Simple’s Mashed Potatoes with Carrots and Dill to complete my seafood series. Easy recipes to add variety to your weekly diet, without requiring any extra work! Pan-seared in olive oil, salmon fillets can go with any side you might be in the mood for. Want a light meal? Add a salad. Want an Asian flair? Add a stir-fry. Or, fancy something a little stodgier? Complete the dish with this mashed potato blend! More nutritious than basic white potatoes, the carrots and dill add some nice color and texture, too!


Rating: A-


How to make it an A+: I need my potatoes a little creamier. You could add extra Greek yogurt, or, really make you taste buds happy with some sour cream! 


Find the Recipe Here.

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