Lemon Fusilli with Arugula

November 13, 2018



This pasta is just fantastic. It’s one that can bridge the seasons. It has fresh flavors of spring and summer, from lemon, tomatoes, and arugula, but it’s cream-based, so it’s hearty enough to keep you full and warm all fall and winter long. This Lemon Fusilli with Arugula, from the Barefoot Contessa, comes off elegant and effortless because it pretty much is. Perfect for a weeknight meal, a dinner party, and a picky toddler! Enjoy!


Rating: A+


How to make it an A+: No changes needed. Just be aware it does not reheat well. I prefer cooking the tomatoes a little bit (when you add the cream to the pasta) for some little warm bursts of flavor, but it’s not necessary. I would also love to try this replacing the tomatoes with some blanched asparagus. 


Find the Recipe Here. (Be aware the original recipe that I worked off of does not include broccoli.)

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