Gujarati Sweet Potato Curry

December 16, 2018



After scouring my neighborhood for Gujarati paste and ending up with nothing but a general red curry paste, I should change this title to just simply Sweet Potato Curry! But, I’m hoping that someone in the USA will get lucky and be able to make this Gujarati Sweet Potato Curry as Waitrose Weekend newspaper intended.  Indian cuisine options are just very limited here in New York City, especially compared to my last neighborhood in London! The recipe overall is great. I love finding vegetarian and vegan options that make for quick and easy weeknight meals. I think simply adjusting the alternative I used will bump the rating right up to an A+, but try for yourself and let me know!


Rating: A


How to make it an A+: As mentioned above, I could not find Gujarati Paste and substituted it with Thai Kitchen’s Red Curry Paste. If you’re going to go this route, use almost the whole jar. This dish really needs a KICK! Alternatively, try to find a brand that is a lot spicier or add some red pepper flakes.


Find the Recipe Here.

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