Gluten-Free Chocolate-Dipped Almond Meringue Drops

December 27, 2018


Let me start by saying this is the actual recipe title, not my doing. I think it’s a little silly to advertise a recipe as if something has been changed to accommodate gluten intolerances, when, in fact, this recipe would never include gluten to begin with. Stop & Shop’s recipes should, perhaps, include a key to indicate gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian options, etc. But, nope, this is just a basic chocolate covered meringue recipe. It’s tasty, looks special, and is a nice change from your typical Christmas cookies! 


Rating: A-


How to make it an A+: I would probably sprinkle a little additional salt onto the almonds since the meringues before the chocolate are already very sugary. It would help balance it all out. Also, I prefer the authentic chopped almond taste on the bottom to the extract added to the egg whites, so I’d skip that altogether.  Whip a little stiffer than the recipe suggests to make your life easier when piping those little droplets onto your parchment. Enjoy!


Find the Recipe Here.

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