Garlic Croutons

December 31, 2018

Garlic Croutons



I love the flavor of these Garlic Croutons from the Barefoot Contessa! They were the perfect little savory treats to scatter on top of her Fresh Pea Soup. It makes such a stronger statement than using plain croutons, or just serving alongside some fresh bread (which I did too for a very well-rounded carb experience.) Add these croutons to your next soup or salad, or even pasta, to add a little extra kick of flavor!


Rating: A-


How to make it an A+: These get a top rating for the taste, but I found if you follow the recipe as directed, you get a smoky kitchen before a crispy crouton. Instead, brown the cubes in the pan until the croutons start to get a little too dark, but are a still a little two soft. At this point, transfer to a baking sheet and baked at 350 degrees F, until dried and crisp (about 5-7 minutes.) Enjoy!


Note: The recipe below is for her plain Croutons Recipe. To make the garlic version, crush a large, peeled clove of garlic with the side of a chef’s knife and let simmer in the olive oil for one minute, then discard. Then continue with the below recipe. She calls for Good Bakery White Bread, sliced 1/2-inch thick, crusts removed in this version. 


Find the Recipe Here.

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