Dump and Done Ramen Salad

March 15, 2019

Dump and Done Ramen Salad



What an odd little concoction this one is! Chrissy Teigen’s Dump and Done Ramen Salad brings me back to my college days seriously calling for 3 packages of chicken-flavored ramen soup! This interesting recipe makes for an easy salad to have hanging around for a side or lunch, or to bring to a summer BBQ table. If you love anything with a salty/tangy/sweet mix (like me), you’ll love this dish.


Rating: A


How to make it an A+:  This whole crazy combo is oddly delicious. Its rating was brought down a hair simply because the “cook time” is off. It says to marinate to softness for a minimum of three hours, but it needs to be in the fridge wayyyy longer or crunched up to smaller bits to actually work. (Which is fine, just don’t look to the photo in the cookbook for guidance!)


Find the Recipe Here.

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