Cucumbers with Fried and Pickled Shallots

June 27, 2018

Cucumbers with Fried and Pickled Shallots


This Real Simple magazine summer side is perfect for an easy night with burgers on the grill. It’s fresh, it’s fun, it’s different. It almost tastes like a burger–well, the toppings on one, anyway. You can get away with English cucumbers, as Persians are not as easy to find, and do not make too much of a difference to the recipe. The shallots, two-ways, are such a simple, but flavorful ingredient to take center stage. 


Rating: B


How to make it an A+: Don’t add the pickling liquid when tossing the pickled shallots with the cucumbers. It is too overpowering. The softened shallots, alone, will be enough!



Find the Recipe Here.

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