Crispy Almond Chicken with Apple-Fennel Salad

September 13, 2018

Crispy Almond Chicken with Apple-Fennel Salad



“Love me a schnitzel” is what my husband first said when I put this dish down. You can’t tell he’s been in Europe for a while. But, he’s right, you can’t really go wrong with breaded chicken. This Food Network Magazine version, uses almond flour instead of all-purpose, for a twist on the classic. If you want to ease into fall with some lemony chicken, apples and greens, try this Crispy Almond Chicken with Apple-Fennel Salad. 


Rating:  B+


How to make it an A+: I feel like the recipe skips a step and the breading doesn’t adhere very well unless you really work at it. Don’t mix the flour with the panko. First, coat the chicken in the flour for an added step, as you would see in a traditional recipe, and this should help. The lemon wedges for serving are a must. 


Find the Recipe Here.

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