Cranberry Bread

November 16, 2018



They say not to go to grocery store hungry, well, don’t go to the grocery store pregnant! I saw a back of fresh cranberries and became FIXATED on them. I added the bag and a couple oranges to my cart, determined to make some sort of baked good. At home, I pulled out the first cookbook I ever owned, Murray Jaffe’s The Perfect Recipe Baking Book, and luckily had the rest of the ingredients needed in my pantry for his Cranberry Bread. A very easy, very delicious, fall treat that can take you through the festive and winter season! Enjoy!


Rating: A-


How to make it an A+: I need just a little bit more of everything. Maybe I’ve been eating out of the Cravings cookbook a little too frequently, but I need an explosion of cranberry and orange in my bread. Increase the amount of cranberries and zest to your liking! (And FRESH CRANBERRIES ONLY, please!)


Find the Cookbook Here.

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