Cornbread Mix

April 24, 2019



While I appreciate any recipe that offers a “make-ahead” option, it feels sort of unnecessary in this Cornbread Mix from Real Simple magazine. The entire recipe only takes five minutes to throw together, so do you really need to prep dry mix and store for months ahead of time? I do like, however, having the choice of five different cooking vessels/sized treats with the appropriate cooking times listed, which can vary depending on if you’re planning on a BBQ side, a cornbread breakfast, or a toddler treat! See below for some helpful modifications.


Rating: B


How to make it an A+:  This cornbread is just too plain with zero wow factor. It’s also pretty dry, with a little more emphasis on salty than sweet. I would shave off a minute or two of cooking time and add my go-to last step for any corn bread or muffin: brush on a combination of melted butter and honey as soon as you remove the pan from the oven. This ensures moisture and sweetness!


Find the Recipe Here.

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