Christmas Cookies 2022

January 2, 2023

We had a very delicious holiday season! Lots of sweets, including this roundup of Christmas cookies! Enjoy my suggested modifications, commentary, and links below!

Lacy Oatmeal Cookies – These weren’t my favorite lacy cookies ever. I’m not even sure which magazine I pulled the recipe from, but here is the same one through Epicurious. Though the taste is great, the texture was a little off and I like more of a prominent oat taste. Click here for my actual favorite lacy cookies!

Coconut Cheesecake Thumbprints – These were actually my least favorite due to the extract! Skip the coconut extract and enjoy the subtle coconut flavor these Food Network Magazine cookies could offer!

Chocolate-Caramel Thumbprints – The star of the show! Think nutty brownies filled with caramel! These Better Homes & Gardens cookies were a hit!

Basic Sugar Cookies – This simple Martha Stewart recipe is my go-to!

Gingerbread Cookies – These Gingerbread Cookies, also from Martha Stewart, are awesome! Such a complex spice profile for some very strong and dynamic cookies. I would maybe suggest halving the recipe if you’re making several varieties because three disks was just too much!

Have a very sweet 2023!!

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