Chorizo Patatas Bravas Salad

January 17, 2020

This dish is so simple and so different! I love a good Waitrose Weekend newspaper recipe, but the only problem with a UK recipe is that you may have to improvise on UK ingredients. Once you get passed that, though, this Chorizo Patatas Bravas Salad is a delicious, cheeky way to get in some salad greens! Modifications below!

Rating: A-

How to make it an A+: First, to make the grade, I’d love to add some onions and garlic to get crisped alongside the potatoes and chorizo. Also, a nice spicy chorizo will add a lot of depth to the dish. As far as substitutions, you obviously won’t find Waitrose’s brand of pre-seasoned Charlotte potatoes with butter included. I just got some small, waxy potatoes, mixed in a couple tablespoons of chopped unsalted butter, seasoned generously with salt and pepper, and sprinkled in some chopped parsley! Enjoy!

Find the Recipe Here.

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