Chewy Fruit Rolls

November 27, 2018



This afternoon snack is delicious! Only problem, I can consume the entire portion in basically one sitting, which makes it a lot of work (more patience, really, due to a long cook time and an overnight cooling period) for a little return. But, if you’re keen on homemade everything, these Chewy Fruit Rolls from Good Housekeeping are just for you! They really taste identical to the fruit leathers you would buy in stores. I tested out the strawberry version, but check out their other suggestions, or make up your own combo!


Rating: A+


How to make it an A+: Top rating for taste, but take my comments above into consideration. If you have a surplus of fruit and time on your hands, this snack is worth it! Make sure the parchment paper is completely flat so the center doesn’t hold a thicker pool of the puree and cause an uneven cooking time. Alternatively, bake in two, smaller portions.  


Find the Recipe Here.

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