Celeriac & Kale Conchiglie with Pecan Crunch

February 6, 2019


This Celeriac & Kale Conchiglie with Pecan Crunch, from Waitrose Weekend newspaper, is the perfect dish to have hanging around my fridge this week. I have a few events out, with unclear food situations, so to have a prepared casserole to quickly snack on, offer my toddler and husband, and eat before or after my events, is great. A pregnant lady has to be prepared! And ignore the sophisticated UK title, this is basically Cheesy Celery Root and Kale Baked Shells, and was consumed very quickly by my toddler! The taste is more on the bitter, salty side, so be aware–we’re talking melted Taleggio, celery root, and mustard. Make sure those are in line with your taste buds! And, bonus, if you’re a pregnant woman craving soft, forbidden cheeses, you get your fix here with the cheese melted to a high enough temp that makes it safe!


Rating: A+


How to make it an A+:  Loved this dish! I didn’t make it as a freeze and reheat option, so can’t report on those cooking times, but for a dish you put right into the oven, I baked for 15 minutes with foil on, and then another 10 with the foil off (or until the pecans were nice and toasted and everything was bubbling! I used full fat crème fraìche because that’s all I could find…oh well. And, in true UK recipe fashion, the S&P quantities aren’t specified, it just says “season,” so make sure you finish off with extra salt and pepper in the end if necessary! 


Find the Recipe Here.

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