Cashew-Cauliflower Soup

November 5, 2018



This Cashew-Cauliflower Soup, from Real Simple magazine, has been keeping my home cozy all weekend! This is an amazing, hearty soup for a gluten-free, vegan option! (I may, or may not, have served it alongside a fresh baguette covered with butter and a grilled cheese, but the soup itself is gluten-free and vegan, I swear.) The cannellini beans and cashew puree gives it a nice weight, while all the herbs and veggies give it a dynamic fall flavor. Check it out!


Rating: A-


How to make it an A+: Skip the toasted cashews on top. The texture alongside the puree is a little off. I would add some chopped scallions for a little bit of a bite, instead.  Add some water to thin out, if necessary or preferred. And, if you don’t have dietary restrictions, that bread and grilled cheese, mentioned above, doesn’t hurt!


Find the Recipe Here.

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