Cabbage, Salmon & Cucumber Satay Crunch Salad

July 7, 2018

Cabbage, Salmon & Cucumber Satay Crunch Salad



Back to the U.K with this Tesco magazine recipe! It is so interesting the differences in foods and tastes between our two countries. I can pick out which is a British recipe, at this point, just by its title. This British cabbage recipe isn’t a traditional one, though, and actually has an Asian feel. The mix of cabbage, spinach, coriander (cilantro) is great, but the dressing is SO outstanding, that it could be paired with any veggies you would use in an Asian slaw. I may make the dressing on its own to use as a marinade, or for a sushi dipping sauce. Who knows. I’ve said this before, but U.K. red chiles are proving IMPOSSIBLE to find in New York City. Google shows this is a common problem for many Americans trying to make Jamie Oliver recipes and those of other British top chefs. The Whole Foods staff had NO IDEA what I was talking about, nor did they even know what the peppers on their shelves were called. My advice, use jalapeños to taste. 


Rating: A-


How to make it an A+: I always prefer a nice, crispy pan-seared salmon over a soft, parcel-baked fillet. The more texture the better! I would also sprinkle some chopped scallions overtop.  


Find the Recipe Here.

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