Baked Peaches with Yogurt and Granola

October 14, 2018



Chocolate-covered Katie is known for her healthy takes on sweet treats, and, while this is definitely healthier than a classic baked fruit dish, I’m left craving some key ingredients. The first being butter! To me, baked fruit (peaches in this case, but I would almost prefer apples) needs the sugary, buttery, hint-of-salty, and sometimes-nutty goodness. While this doesn’t leave you feeling too full, or guilty, it does leave you wanting a little bit more. See below for advice on how to undo all the goodness of Chocolate-covered Katie’s Baked Peaches with Yogurt and Granola. 


Rating:  B


How to make it an A+: First, it suggests using her granola, but any granola will do, really. A crispy cinnamon granola is perfect, but hers does add a butter element to offset whats missing (even though the granola only has oil in it–magic!) These peaches (and don’t be scared to use apples) really need some salted butter. I would also replace the maple syrup with brown sugar and throw is some chopped pecans! 


Find the Cookbook Here.

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